for couples and selected singles



5 – 13 November 2017

truly unforgettable & profound holiday
in a harmonious & intimate atmosphere


whether you are a couple or a single

learn yoga for tantric health

Tantric teachings coming from Agama Yoga school

enjoy serenity of tropics with no distractions

we will take care of everything so that you can learn and relax

$1300 per single or $2400 per couple. Deposit: $200 per person. Free cancellation up to 30 days before arrival.

Invitation from our Tantra teacher – Justine

Your holiday retreat will be made of 3 main modules

Secrets of Tantric Wisdom

How to Build Exceptional Relationships

Yoga for Sexual Health

Yoga for Tantric Health

Are you looking to truly deepen your relationship and explore intimacy with your partner to create long-lasting & joyful union?

Are you single and want to create a resonance that will attract your ideal partner?

Would you like to learn Yoga and Tao practices to improve your health for both women and men?

Have you ever wished to take part in captivating Tantric rituals?

Join us in this unforgettable, mind and heart opening retreat where we will be:

looking into sexuality and relationships through Tantric principles and proven modern research,

practcing yoga postures that will open, balance and heal the body and have direct effects on one’s sexuality,

learning how to let go of inhibitions around sexuality to let yourself to feel bliss and and ecstasy,

discovering how to keep the spark alive and have exceptional and long-lasting relationships,

learning how understand your partner’s needs and how to communicate harmoniously,

performing Tantric rituals that will help to create deeper a bond between you and your partner, where women will turn into Goddesses,

and so much more…

You will spend 9 unforgettable days among other 12 couples and selected singles in a villa resort which will be completely dedicated to us. Complete privacy to let go, open up and relax.


We have to say that this will be your most exciting, profound and heart opening holiday yet. What you will learn and practice here will serve you for years!

Re-connect with your partner and boost the chemistry between you through Tantric knowledge and modern comprehensive studies.

If you are single, understand what makes you attract certain type of partners over and over again. Learn how to find your perfect partner and keep that relationship exceptional.

Learn yoga postures to boost virility,  stamina and control for men. And for women to energize and open into profound orgasms.

Learn how to express your needs and harmoniously resolve any disagreements.

Master sexual confidence, sex-appeal and charisma.

Take part in Tantric rituals and experience deep states of bliss and wonder.

Learn about deeper and fulfilling orgasms women and men can experience.

Learn how men can last as long as they want.

Learn now to revive passion, love and intimate connections in a relaitonship.

Understand key elements for an exceptional and long-lasting relationship.

All while staying in a private villa on a tropical island.

What SHE can learn?

Residential retreats like this often lead to profound revelations which may vary from person to person. Generally speaking a woman, single or not, may expect to:

  • Learn what needs to change in you so you can attract the kind of man you want or how to sincerely create change in your relationship so it is the fulfilling for you.
  • How to keep the passion alive in a relationship. Bring awareness to the things that you do that kill the attraction. Learn what you can do to have him fall even more in love with you and want to be around you.
  • Understand how men think and how to use this understanding to cultivate loving and harmonious atmosphere in relationships.
  • Learn how to express yourself in a way that your man can hear and understand you.
  • Feel more pleasure and open up to orgasms – deeper, powerful, healing, expanding, filling orgasms.
  • Learn the importance of having a healthy pelvic floor for your general health and also your sexual opening and practice you can do it keep it in an exceptional state of health.
  • Learn different types of orgasms you can experience and how to open into them.
  • Learn Yoga postures that will support your sexual opening and deepening.
  • Embrace and enjoy your sexuality.
  • Overcome limiting social beliefs and programming around sexuality.
  • This retreat in itself is a great opportunity to express your femininity, beauty, sexiness. You will feel safe to express yourself in any way you want be it a fancy dress you never dared to put on or a topic you were scared to ask anyone. You will have great opportunity to talk with our Tantric teacher in person asking any burning questions around sexuality or relationships.
  • Feel how it feels to be a Goddess by taking part in Tantric transfiguration rituals…
  • and much much more…
What HE can learn?

During this retreat we will be teaching and giving tools, techniques and knowledge that are of immense importance to become a Tantric man, a man who is centered, lucid and in control. Here is a few of the benefits that men will learn.

  • Let go of social inhibitions and limitations around sexuality. This alone will take your lovemaking to another level.
  • Learn to feel more pleasure during lovemaking.
  • How to last as long as you want.
  • How to become multi-orgasminc.
  • What a Tantric man is.
  • How to channel sexual energy for the benefit of the whole body and being.
  • How to enlarge your Lingam (penis).
  • Learn yoga postures that will stimulate your sexual energy, remove blockages and train you in moving energy upwards, thus giving you control over your sexual energy and ejaculation.
  • Understand how women feel, think, and act and how best to connect and support them.
  • How to bring harmony into relationships through effective expression of your needs and meeting her needs too.
  • How you can gain her trust, how you can become the backbone in the relationships, how you can provide support that she truly needs.
  • How you can make her glow and shine.
  • Open up to the beauty of woman on all levels.
  • Feel how it feels to become a “king” or Shiva for a woman through taking part in Tantric transfiguration ritual.
  • and much more…
I am single. Can I join?

Yes, we welcome both couples and singles who are interested in finding a partner and creating exceptional relationships.

There will be equal number of women and men in the retreat. Thus applications from singles will be conditional. Once we have a matching application of another gender we will confirm your admittance.

If you are applying as a single, please answer 4 short questions and make a fully refundable deposit of $200. If there will be no matching application we will make full refund.

You may apply with you friend who is not your partner and get couple’s price $2400. 


I am single. Why I should join?

There are several reasons this retreat will be of tremendous value even if you apply as a single. We make an assumption here that you plan or want to build loving and harmonious relationships at some point in future)

Amazing relationships may happen spontaneously and naturally. Quite often though, relationships require some input from both partners. One need to learn how to understand another partner, how to communicate, how to express own needs and desires, how to listen, how to bring joy, how to make your partner feel safe, how to build deep level of trust and surrender… These and many other things can and should be learned and practiced before one starts relationships. Otherwise, absence of this knowledge and attempts to learn it on the go may bring suffering and even breakup. Thus it could be a wise idea to start learning principles of great relationships while you are a single. So that you are more ready when you find your love.

Furthermore, there will be a lot of tools taught during the retreat that bring individual benefits and deeper realization of self.

For example, yoga practice that will improve your sexual as well as overall health. Then, more specific teachings such as increasing orgasmic potential for women through Yoni (translated as vagina) egg exercises and exercises for men to increase penis; etc.

Thus there will be a lot to learn even if you are a single.

We expect a baby soon. Can I join if I am pregnant?

We would be delighted to have would-be moms at the retreat. In fact our Tantric teacher, Justine, runs special workshops for expecting moms. She would be happy to give you a brief overview of what is taught during those workshops.

In the meantime, we do not recommend joining if an expecting mother is on 8th month and above as exercises and yoga practice might be challenging though still possible. In any event, we will be considering people’s general fitness and state when giving yoga classes.

What a tipical day will look like? How retreat will be structured?

This retreat will be packed with fun, joy, explorations, revelations, sexiness, sacred rituals, tropical sun, delicious vegetarian meals AND tons of Tantric and modern knowledge AND Yoga practice. So there is a lot to learn.

The retreat will be split into two main modules 3 days each with a day off between them to give you a breath 🙂

Module 1 which will be about Tantric studies, Yoga and rituals. This module will be held from on days 2, 3 and 4.

Module 2 will be devoted to psychology of relationships and dynamics between women and men. This module will be held on days 6, 7, and 8.

Below is more detailed outline of your days in your Tantric retreat.

Day 1: The first day will be dedicated to settling in your cozy rooms in the resort, getting to know other participants. There will be a short introductory lecture from our teacher, Justine. Already here we will kick-start the retreat by a beautiful Fire ritual as a first step of getting rid of inhibitions.

It is important for you to arrive on this day not to miss the introduction lecture and first ceremony.

Day 2 through 4:  Module 1 – Tantric Studies and Yoga.

Tantra teachings, Rituals, and bonus lessons for women and men. The schedule is setup to optimize teaching and rituals time so that everyone would get enough time both for practicing and enjoying the holiday.

Day 5: Relax day and a group tour to a waterfall and Buddha Gardens.

Day 6 through 8: Module 2 – Relationships.

During this part of the retreat we will spend more time on exploring how to cultivate harmonious, lasting and exceptional relationships with your partner. We will keep practicing daily yoga through these days.

Day 9: Relax and departure.

Unfortunately, everything has a start and an end. On this day we will have to say goodbye, hopefully until next retreat 😉

Is there nudity involved?

Our priority is to create safe and harmonious atmosphere in the group where participants will be able to express themselves and trust the group. We understand that participants may have different levels of comfort with regards to getting undressed. So you will be free to set your level of comfort during any exercises or rituals. We would like to mention that coming to this retreat with an open mind is essential to get most productive results in terms of breaking limiting beliefs and patterns.

We will be offering some rituals and exercises that may involve nudity which will be optional. We can’t give you details of the rituals and exercises not to spoil the surprise. In the meantime to give you an idea of what this may look like will describe briefly the Fire Ritual. This process has been used by Tantrics to burn any beliefs or patterns that do not serve any more. Without giving out all the steps, people get undressed in front of the fire and expose their bodies to the fire for some time. That’s it.

There is no sexual intercourse as a part of the program.

If you have doubts or fears please take ownership of these feelings and contact us at connect@secretrituals.net or just hit the ENVELOP button at the bottom of the screen. We will be happy discuss or arrange a call.

What about food and accommodation?

The retreat is full-board so that participants could fully focus their minds on the content of the retreat. We will be serving healthy vegetarian food. There will be constant supply of snacks and fruits through the day to keep your energies high.

Accommodation includes an ensuite room with a king-size bed for a couple in a private villa resort, which will be rented out exclusively for the retreat. Singles will be placed in a twin shared room. Two singles per room.

Sorry, no alcohol or cigarettes are allowed during the retreat. This is in line with the Tantric guidance to maximize free flow of energies during exercises and rituals.

What should I bring with me to the retreat?

Upon confirmation, every participant will receive an email on how to prepare for the retreat and what to bring. For example, you will need to bring some clothing for the Tantric rituals etc. Women are advised to give some thought as to what outfits to pack up. These should be outfits in which they feel most confident, sexy and desirable, including accessories, etc. This retreat can be a rare occasion to wear all those special clothes which may seem to be a bit too much for the regular social life. Men will need to have at least one fully white outfit with shorts or trousers.

I have not practice Yoga before. How difficult is it?

During the Yoga classes we will be very flexible in accommodating to levels of proficiency from beginners to intermediate. So everyone will feel comfortable. Moreover, the style of yoga we will be doing does not require strong stretches. On the contrary, this style is using more relaxed approach. You will learn more about this style during the first classes.

When we speak about level of proficiency we mainly take into account how long one can hold a yoga posture. Those who are interested in more advanced practice will be able to use the same postures that we will teach and practice at home at extended times. We will also be happy to answer any questions from advanced practitioners.

We will be doing daily yoga practice for about 1 hour in the mornings.

The Yoga style that we will be using is Hatha Yoga coming from Agama Yoga school (www.agamayoga.com) and based on such teachings as Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Patanjali Yoga.

I love the retreat but can't join during these dates. What I can do?

We understand that your work schedule or life plans may not allow you to join our retreat this November. If it is so please email us at connect@secretrituals.net with word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. We will notify you of any upcoming workshops and retreats once they are scheduled. As of now we have not determined the dates of next retreat but can say one or two will happen in 2018.

I am interested but have some doubts and concerns...

Speaking and opening up to sexuality can be challenging. There are so many social inhibitions, misconceptions and limitations. In the end one of the goals of this retreat and what we do in general is to help people to let go of such inhibitions.

Nowadays, there are wrong conceptions about Tantra too. Tantra has been presented as something dirty and only about sex. In fact sexuality is only a small fraction of Tantra teachings. We will be teaching pure and authentic Tantric knowledge. Our adorable teacher, Justine, is coming from one of the best Tantric schools on this planet – Agama Yoga (www.agamayoga.com).

You are in safe hands. Justine had been running from 1 week workshops to 6 week transformational retreats for decade. She has huge passion for Tantra and such topics as relationships, women and men psychology, conscious conception and motherhood. Please see more information about Justine in her bio.

If you are hesitant about whether you should join this retreat, please take leap of faith and reach out to us. We will be happy to talk to you in person over Skype to discuss any concerns or fears.

This retreat can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your partner. Do not lose this opportunity out of fear.

Do you have discounts?

We will be happy to offer 7% ($170) discount if you refer another couple (or two people) to this retreat. You friends will also get 7% off. If you have someone to refer please send us their email registered at PayPal. They will need to go through regular process of making deposit of $200 per person to secure the place. 7% discount will be applied when they make final payment.

Please note that this offer valid only if you make booking directly through this website.

What is the price? Do I have to pay full amount? What about cancellations?

Price for a single applicant – $1300.

Price for a couple – $2400.

Refundable depost – $200 per person. 

Price includes

  • 8 nights/9 days at the resort,
  • full-board vegetarian meals 3 times a day,
  • constant supply of snacks and fruits,
  • pick up from airport/sea port,
  • group tour to a waterfall and Buddha gardens,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • 35+ hours of teachings,
  • 6 yoga classes

Flight tickets and visa fees are not included.

There is no extra or hidden costs.

Our pricing and cancellation policy is very fair and simple. There are no any early bird discounts.

To secure your place you just need to make a fully refundable deposit of $200 per person. The balance needs to be paid 30 days before arrival – by 5th of October 2017.

If you decide to cancel your booking 30 days before start of the retreat you will get your deposit in full. If you cancel your booking 20 days before start of the retreat you will get 70% of the fee. If you cancel your booking within last 20 days before the start, unfortunately we will not be able to make refund.

How to join the retreat?


If you are applying as a couple please proceed directly to making deposit ($200 per person). There are no extra steps for you 🙂


If you are applying as a single there will be three steps.

  • Step 1 – send us email with following information:
    • a) full name and gender,
    • b) country,
    • c) date of birth,
    • d) brief description of yourself.
  • Step 2 – we will reply with tentative availability of places. At this stage you will need to make a fully refundable deposit of $200 to secure your place.
  • Step 3 – once we get a matching applicant of opposite gender we will confirm your place.
Hmm... I have a few more questions?

Shoot us a message by pressing envelop button at the bottom of the screen and we will respond asap.

You can ask any question or give us any suggestion)

…Much of the knowledge we’ve learnt through her workshops has meant a lot of self-reflection to us, and many changes in our way of seeing sex and relationships.

In regards to our relationship, we both gained a lot of communication tools to be able to talk about anything more openly. Moreover, she made clear basic concepts that people usually overlook in normal relationships but that, nonetheless, can bring lots of issues…

Gaby & Paolo

30 & 56, Italy

…Justine is more than a Tantra teacher, she’s the embodiment of Tantra itself, a real woman, at the deepest meaning of it.

Besides being an inspiration herself, her dedication to the teaching and her knowledge of all physical, energetical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Tantra, are simply amazing…


50, Brazil

…I would take another course with her in a heartbeat, and would certainly recommend her to anyone who is considering it! I would be very surprised if you didn’t leave a session swith her feeling lighter, freer, and generally happier; Justine is an absolutely amazing teacher…

Julia Morgan

36, USA


Places already booked


To book you place all you need to make is fully refundable deposit of $400 per couple or $200 per single person.


Take a look at and feel the energies of your private villa resort

To ensure privacy, the whole resort is rented out exclusively for our retreat. 
Sejour includes ensuite room for a couple with a kingsize bed. Single applicants will enjoy twin room on share basis.


Koh Samui Island, Thailand



Justine Baruch has been teaching Tantra since 2008.

…She recognizes the paramount role of sexuality for one’s health and well-being as well as for maintaining a vibrant alive relationship. She has guided thousands of men and women through the opening of their sexuality.

…She has inspired numerous couples in many ways to deepen their connection or rekindle the enthusiasm that has been lost over the years.

Bio & Full Testimonials

Booking Deposit

  • Per person

  • $400 per couple

Price for singles

  • 9 days/8 nights
  • full-board

Price for Couples

  • 9 days/8 nights
  • full-board


Make a fully refundable depost now to secure your place. Pay the rest by 5th of October 2017.



Want to learn more?

If you are hesitant about whether you should join this retreat, please take leap of faith and reach out to us. We will be happy to talk to you in person over Skype to discuss any concerns or fears.

This retreat can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your partner. The gift that will serve you for years to come.

Do not lose this opportunity out of doubts – talk to us.

So how does it sound to join our Tantra Retreat?

Maybe? Not sure? Need more time to think?

If that's the case, leave your email below. 

We will invite you to live Webinars and send you our contacts for the future)

Amazing! See you soon, hopefully.