Chances are that daily routine consumes your mind and burns your energy. In the end of the day not much is left when it comes to your intimate life.

When was last time you focused 100% of your attention on enjoying intimacy with your partner? For example, going to a romantic holiday or a spa weekend, or closing all the doors in the house, turning mobiles off and just being together…

So when booking holiday escape next time, why not consider a holiday with a difference – with 3 significant differences – a Tantra holiday?

Reason 1 – Explore Your Intimate Pleasure

Imagine a paradise island, where tropical greenery delights your eyes.

Where sound of ocean waves caresses your ears.

Where sultry air wraps around you like a lover.

Where exploring intimate pleasure, orgasm and relationship is the only item on your agenda.

Not only on your agenda but also on the agenda of other like-minded couples staying in the retreat. A harmonious group dedicated to learning powerful Tantra knowledge from experienced Tantra teachers.

Even the cutest holiday problems such as a good place to stay, tasty food to eat, and quality time to spend – all have been taken care of.

So while living in the private residential villa resort, you do not just relax, but you let go completely. And devote your whole attention to the really important staff – learning to focus on your pleasure and relationships using Tantra techniques.

Reason 2 – (Re-)connect with Your Partner

Quality of intimate relationship in a couple is a sum-total of deeper layers: e.g. emotional and mental dynamics between you two.

Tantra is not just about what you do in your bed. Tantra is about deep fulfillment in both of you.

Tantric rituals were designed by the ancient to cause changes at the deeper levels of mind.

The profound aestheticism and mystery of Tantra rituals make you discover in yourself and in your partner what you normally fail – miserably fail – to see… and blinded by the mundane filters of daily routine you lose the spark which was there at the beginning of your relationships…

Tantra can teach you to see yourself and your lover through new eyes. And this leads to deeper relationship and connection between you two.

Reason 3 – Maximize the Pleasant and the Useful

Emerging from a Tantric holiday retreat, you are not just relaxed and well-rested.

You are different.



More loving and caring.

Thanks to the initiation into the time-tested powerful knowledge of Tantra.

Knowledge and techniques that will serve for the rest of your life.

And if practiced, will bear more… and more… and more… juicy and delicious fruits in your relationships and intimate life.

So a Tantra holiday is not just a re-start for your body and mind, it can be a re-start for your whole life.

To sum up, just answer one question.

What do you think will happen if you spend whole 7 days in paradise wholly dedicated to blossoming in your intimacy? Join us for our next Tantra Rituals Retreat in Thailand to find out!