The G-spot is short for Gräfenberg or, in Tantric circles, for Goddess spot.

It is believed that Ernst Gräfenberg discovered the G-spot in Indian Tantric texts, which had been given to him by Rothschild, the rich and powerful owner of the British East India Company.

The G-spot is a rippled tissue located 1-2 in inside the vagina on the front wall towards the belly. This spot feels different in texture than the rest of the vagina, it is softer and spongy.

When the G-spot is manually stimulated, usually through a combination of hard and soft pushing and constant rubbing, it causes intense orgasmic feelings that exceed the usual sexual response. Some women describe sensations of electric charge.

G-spot stimulation is one way to access Tantric orgasms. A Tantric orgasm can go on for a long, long time and is meant to transform the enhanced physical sensations into an indescribable bliss when the mind gets locked in the present moment.

And the moment seems endless.

By Tantra Rasa