Remember the feeling, excitement and butterflies in your belly when you just started seeing your belovedā€¦ Now, chances are that daily routine has consumed your romantic mood and those butterflies became rather not-so-often occasions šŸ™ ā€¦

Here are a few of dozens of reasons why you should consider joining our Tantric Yoga Retreat for Couples:

  1. A holiday that is totally dedicated & devoted to you two, to your relationships, to intimacy between you, to deepening connection and understanding between you. Did you wonder why HE needs a man’s cave?.. Did you wonder why sometimes SHE does not need your solutions or advices but just you listening to her?.. Our retreat for couples is a truly unique opportunity to invest your holiday time into creating happy and harmonious relationships.
  2. Discover a miracle of yoga exercises for intimate healing and health. We will be practicing special hatha yoga sequence of exercises that you will hardly find anywhere else.
  3. Learn ancient Tantric wisdom. Learn from an authentic Tantric teacher, Justine, secrets from Tantric traditions that will take your intimate life to a new, blissful level and will give you tools for more joyful life in general.
  4. Have you ever wanted to take part in captivating and aesthetic Tantric rituals. Feel the feeling when women turn into amazing Goddesses and men turning into Kings. I have to make a note here – Tantric rituals are not funcky or kincky stuff. Our rituals are bringing most elevated states of mind and elicit ability to see your partner beyond physical appearanceā€¦
  5. Just imagine spending a holiday that is wholly dedicated to relationships and health where you will be immersed in a harmonious and heart-opening group of other couples like you, all while staying in a tropical private villa.

Such a holiday getaway will bring you memories, experiences and tools that will serve you for yearsā€¦

Check out more info about an upcoming 9-day retreat in November that will be held in Thailand

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