How to join the retreat?

The retreat can be joined by application only. This is to allow retreat teachers to put together a balanced and harmonious group to maximize the effects of the retreat for each participant. To apply, please complete a short application form on the Applications page and make a deposit payment via PayPal. Your application will be reviewed, and an answer will be given within 3 working days. In case of a negative answer on this occasion, your deposit payment will be fully refunded.

Is there nudity or sexual intercourse involved?

This retreat includes some nudity and erotic elements in rituals and exercises. To ensure successful Tantra practice, it is essential that you are willing to open up and break limiting patterns (if any) to explore this aspect with respect and enjoyment. With regards to erotic elements, such as touch, for example, every participant will need to mark their own limits of comfort, and these limits will be respected. There is no sexual intercourse as a part of the official program.

Is the retreat for couples only?

This retreat is open to couples and very few singles. Equal number of men and women will be accepted. If you are a single, we strongly encourage you to apply jointly to the retreat with a friend of the same or opposite sex. We offer a special discount for couples and friends. Note, that accommodation is an ensuite room for two with a king-size bed; there is also a very limited number or twin bedrooms.

Can I only do exercises with my partner?

Partners who are a couple may work together in couples’ exercises. However, there will be occasions when partners will need to switch, e.g. in rituals or group exercises. Again, your boundaries will always be respected, and you are never encouraged to do anything you do not feel comfortable with. Working with other partners can bring invaluable experience, show you new facets of your personality and expand your comfort zone; it is also very much in line with the spirit of Tantra.

What should I bring with me to the retreat?

Upon confirmation, every participant will receive an email on how to prepare for the retreat and what to bring. For example, you will need to bring some clothing for the Tantric rituals etc. Women are advised to give some thought as to what outfits to pack up. These should be outfits in which they feel most confident, sexy and desirable, including accessories, etc. This retreat can be a rare occasion to wear all those special clothes which may seem to be a bit too much for the regular social life. Men will need to have at least one fully white outfit with shorts or trousers.

What about food and accommodation?

The retreat is full-board so that participants could fully focus their minds on the content of the retreat. Accommodation includes an ensuite room with a king-size bed for a couple in a private villa resort, which will be rented out exclusively for the retreat. Healthy vegetarian food is included and there will be a constant supply of a variety of fresh fruits.

Sorry, no meat or alcohol or cigarettes or recreational drugs are allowed during the retreat. Tantric yogis do not recommend coffee but if you still prefer coffee to a glass of juice you will get your morning cup. This is in line with the Tantric guidance to maximize free flow of energies during exercises and rituals.

Will I feel sexual bliss?

Some people start getting glimpses of Tantric sexual bliss soon after beginning the Tantric practice. Others may require longer practice due to emotional, physical and/or mental blockages. We aim to create an atmosphere of relaxation and trust during the retreat, which coupled with the group energy and strong personal intentions should allow for elevated experiences during rituals. However, these can not be guaranteed for everybody.

Will we be doing Eyes Wide Shut ritual?

There is no Eyes Wide Shut ritual in Tantric scriptures. In the meantime, owning to the gorgeousness and aestheticism created by a genius film director Stanley Kubrick, we were inspired to incorporate some elements from the movie into one of the rituals in the retreat. As most people find the ritual scenes from the movie deeply appealing at some archetypal level, using Eyes Wide Shut theme gives an extra boost in creating mesmerizing and elevated eroticism during this ceremony.

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