Justine Baruch

Justine Baruch

Justine has been teaching Tantra since 2008. She studied Psychology and Sociology in University in Connecticut, USA and has been living abroad since 2003.

She started teaching yoga in 2006 and now focuses mostly on the topics of sexuality and relationships. It is both a personal and professional passion of hers for over a decade, diving deep into transformative programs, an array of books, online courses.

She recognizes the important role of sexuality for one’s health and well-being as well as maintaining a vibrant alive relationship. She has guided thousands of men and women through the opening of their sexuality. She feels it is important to start from the core and move towards bliss and freedom. She has helped them in the identifying and releasing of their societal programming, limiting beliefs and shame around sexuality. And stepping into a loving, enjoyable and pleasure filled sexual experiences.

She has inspired numerous couples in many ways to deepen their connection or rekindle the enthusiasm that has been lost over the year. Her own journey and the work she has done on herself allows her to hold an open safe space for people to authentically explore their sexuality.


Justine is an incredible leader and listener. I didn’t fully know what to expect when I registered for one of her workshops, but I could not believe how much I took away from it! She provided a safe, comfortable environment in which to share, learn, and discover new things about ourselves. She offered many insights and exercises for us to work through during the workshop, and to practice at home, which were incredibly helpful on a personal level.

I would take another course with her in a heartbeat, and would certainly recommend her to anyone who is considering it! I would be very surprised if you didn’t leave a session swith her feeling lighter, freer, and generally happier; Justine is an absolutely amazing teacher.

Julia Morgan, 36


Justine is more than a Tantra teacher, she’s the embodiment of Tantra itself, a real woman, at the deepest meaning of it.

Besides being an inspiration herself, her dedication to the teaching and her knowledge of all physical, energetical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Tantra, are simply amazing.

Michael is the personification of a yogi, in his dedication, aspiration, practice and attitude. Tantra for him is much beyond the sex aspect, it’s embodied in his personality, aspiration, teaching and way of life in a totally integrated way.

Besides that they are, as a couple, an example of Tantra as a way of life and path to unconditional and committed love really rare to be seen in practice. I bow down to both.

Fernando, 50


Justine Baruch is really a great teacher, full of energy, commitment and knowledge. She is able to transmit her extensive experience on Tantra through clear explanations and enlightening examples.

Much of the knowledge we’ve learnt through her workshops has meant a lot of self-reflection to us, and many changes in our way of seeing sex and relationships. She has widened our perspective big time. During the workshops we felt many things, sometimes they can be challenging, but then it is when you know something is really moving inside. All the time Justine made herself available for questions with openness and kind disposition.

In regards to our relationship, we both gained a lot of communication tools to be able to talk about anything more openly. Moreover, she made clear basic concepts that people usually overlook in normal relationships but that, nonetheless, can bring lots of issues. So getting acquainted with such important “details” as to how men and women function differently, and what to do to support each other in our differences, is really a game changer in the arena of relationships. Also, learning the fundamentals on Tantric sex and putting them on practice has made us not only discover new pleasures and enjoy more, but most importantly, gave us a whole new spiritual dimension into our sex life. We felt we really learned a lot, and after doing many workshops under Justine’s guidance, we got so much material that it keep us engaging in discussions about the topics months after the workshops were finished.

Tantra is definitely life-changing knowledge, and Justine is a powerful transmitter of it. To add even more to such a positive review, she is also a wonderful human being, and we feel lucky to have met her. Thank you Justine!

Gaby, 30 and Paolo, 56


Michael and Justine blend heart and personal experience when they teach, taking us in a deep beautiful journey through ancient knowledge, sacred practices and self-discovery.

Besides her own experience as a tantric yogi, Justine puts a lot of emphasis into modern research, bringing another dimension into the teachings, and she focuses a lot into working our own conditioning patterns and limiting beliefs.

Michael is a strong practitioner, and one can feel it when he teaches. He does it in a way that touches me deeply as a man, because alongside with his knowledge, he shares from his most intimate experience. That is something not every man is able to do. Not even in Tantra. His way of sharing alone has changed the way I see myself, by helping me understand a lot better where I am at in my own personal practice, and helping me grow a lot faster into it.

Gonçalo, 44


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